Over 20 Years Industry Experience

 We have over 20 years in the Industry. From humble beginnings in the USA to working with Global Brands, Top 10 UK retailers and an array of Artists & Designers alongside Online and Offline Retailers.


As we go into 2021 our rollout of our software to global production locations is well underway. Our USA facility will be up and running Mid March with Germany which will cover Europe not many weeks behind this.

Our huge app update which will add many more products to our range will take place during March and then we will begin adding more global locations to our production centres. We have plans to add around 50 more products to the range before the 3rd quarter this year.

Our vision of being able to order globally and ship locally is well and truly underway.  


Well nobody predicted this year and what was to come with the pandemic and we genuinely had no idea how our business would go when lock down came in March, however after a very hesitant first several weeks online sales literally exploded as people flocked in their millions to shopping online and print on demand sales went through the roof. 

This led us to double the size of our facility and increase our staff accordingly. Our software and service performed brilliantly with 98% of orders shipping in our 3 day terms 

With the success of 2020 for us we laid plans to roll out our software and production into the USA & Europe to allow our customers to get their orders to customers faster.


Early 2019 has seen us move into final beta testing of our brilliant Shopify eCommerce App, this will launch in June 2019. We have a lot of products scheduled for release through the App, this will commence at a steady rate through the remainder of the year.

We are launching some awesome new-to-market products that no one currently offers which will have mass market appeal. We will only offer these to our SuperFast POD App customers..


Recognising the continued growth in the print on-demand sector we set about developing our back-end workflow software. This is a state-of-the-art system that can handle and control millions of orders per year providing world class print quality and the ability to ICC profile down to individual product level. This system was introduced through our Gift Flow personalisation portal allowing customers to order personalised products without the need for inventory storage through our API connections.

After successfully launching our API system late 2018 work began on developing our cross-platform app that would allow the emerging market of entrepreneurs and marketers to be able to launch high quality products through our easy to use App at manufacturer pricing with SuperFast production speeds.


Sole Juice (Supplies) launched the fastest phone case decoration technology in the world. The incredibly fast and reliable Sublideck 3D+, and the highly productive Sublideck 6, a machine capable of producing 6 HD phone cases at the same time from as little as 90 seconds.

During 2017 we launched the new Sublideck 3D+ and Sublideck 6 systems to many of the world’s leading POD suppliers, and we are proud to say our systems are the main stay of the global 3D sublimation image decoration system marketplace.


Late in 2015 Marvelpress was sold to a major US corporation and we set about working on our next challenge.

In early 2016, recognising the continual growth in POD technology and the global personalisation market in general, we formed Sole Juice Limited. Our focus was on continuing our history of developing new technologies for core ranges and new to market product decoration.


After the sale of Tropical Graphics our next major business was creating Marvelpress Ltd, a company focussed on customisation for high street retailers with print facilities based in the UK, and a global production support facility in the USA. Marvelpress pioneered the emerging printed phone case market after seeing its mass market potential with the recently released iPhone. We quickly grew Marvelpress into a £ multi-million company which developed an impressive product range, supplying large volumes through major retail and global brand partners.

A short time later we opened Marvelpress (Supplies) Ltd and set about developing key sublimation machinery, systems, processes and consumables to power the sublimation industry.

Our Sublideck 3D Phone case imaging systems quickly became the standard for global fulfilment providers selling over 350 units globally and turning Marvelpress (Supplies) ltd into a world leader in POD systems and consumables.


It all started in Florida, USA, when print on-demand (POD) technology was in its infancy we created a company called Tropical Graphics Inc. This company was focused on developing high-volume and super reliable sublimation print systems. At Tropical Graphics we created the world’s first ICC profiled sublimation inks known as ArTainium. ArTainium inks quickly became one of the core drivers for the global growth of print on-demand technology being used the world over for printing home décor, sportswear, gifts and many more products.

Through plenty of hard work we grew Tropical Graphics Inc. into one of the world’s largest sublimation companies it wasn’t long before our brands and technology were purchased by one of the industry’s leading companies, and our product lines incorporated into their portfolio of products and services.