Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions FAQ's

How do I install the app?

Very easily, go to our  getting started section and follow the video tutorial guide.

Is the app free?

Yes. The app is free to install and use, you only pay for products when you place product orders.

Shipping & Production FAQ's

How long does it take SuperFast POD to ship orders?

We aim to produce and ship all orders within 72 hours (excluding, weekends and public holidays) Throughout all of 2020 we accomplish this on over 98% of orders even during Covid-19 and Christmas Holidays.

Where do you produce your products?

We have 3 production centres. Head Office is located in the United Kingdom and we are now operational in the USA and from April we will be operational in Germany, EU. Once orders are placed for delivery into another country they will be automatically routed to the closest facility. All order for non EU/USA locations will be produced and shipped from the UK.

Do you outsource any of your production?

No. All our products are made in-house either in the UK or in one of our facilities. All of our production centres use exactly the same products, inks, profiles, printers, software & presses so you have global consistency of product quality.

Do you ship globally?

Yes. We ship orders globally and you can find a detailed breakdown of shipping costs on our shipping page.

Do you provide tracking numbers?

Yes. All orders are sent tracked unless you request untracked. We do not use consolidated shipping services like some other companies, with us you get a unique tracking number for every shipment.

How do you charge for shipping?

We charge by weight not by item so for instance in the UK you can ship 1 mug tracked for £3.95 or you can ship ten mugs to the same address for £5.99. For a breakdown of product weights and shipping charges please see our dedicated shipping page

What type of packaging do you use?

All orders are sent in plain packaging with no markings or identifiable marks so your customers will not know we have produced their order.

You can see a video of our packaging here 

Do you put packing notes or invoices in the orders?

No. We do not put anything into the shipment, just the products on the order.

Product FAQ's

What is the quality of your products like?

We have been serving the print on demand industry for over 20 years and believe our products are the best in the business. There are videos available on each product page so you can view a finished printed item in detail. 

How often do you add new products?

We’ve gone through a number of comprehensive software updates in the last few months enabling us to add many more products into the App. Please email us if you have any specific items you would like us to consider

Can you add notes or gift cards into my orders?

No. At present we are not set up for this service we will look at it in the future though.

Artwork FAQ's

Artwork Overview?

Once you have installed our awesome SuperFast POD App into your store you are definitely going to want to start creating designs for your products and uploading them for sale.

To take you through the design and product creation process we have created many self-help videos and documents. Firstly, take a moment to read through the below list of FAQ’s carefully and then watch the ‘Create Your First Design Video’ which will take you through the process step by step. For your convenience we have created individual videos for each product we offer.

All our videos are based around using Photoshop because this is the most popular design software package, however, the same principles can be used when creating designs using other image creation and design software.

What image format should I use to create my designs?

You should create your designs in RGB (preferably in the ‘Adobe RGB 1998’ workspace) and save them as JPEGs or PNGs. Remember for our app you must make your designs to the exact size requested on the template

Why do you request RGB & not CMYK?

When printing with dye sublimation the process uses composite printers that convert RGB value data into the relevant ink channels. For example, a true black is only translated by the printer from RGB 0,0,0 and not 100% K (black), this is because it uses all the colours available to create a composite black.

What image resolution should I use?

For phone cases you should create your designs at 300 dpi, for all other products 200dpi id okay..

How closely can you colour match?

We deal with many thousands of customers who all use different monitors, settings and software. Like all POD suppliers we have to strike a balance. We are one of the only POD companies that use our own print ICC profiles for each individual product giving us impressive colour reproduction across the range. We pride ourselves on the quality of our prints and colour matching and we are confident you will be happy with our colours.

What if I have a particular colour I want to reproduce?

There are certain colours that cannot be reproduced using sublimation printing, such as gold, silver and fluorescents etc. However, if you are looking for a specific colour then email a jpg of the design over to us and we can advise from there.

Do you provide product mock ups?

Yes. Each product on the site has free downloadable product mock up you can use. These are Photoshop files so you will need Photoshop V6 or above to use them.

Do you have templates for all your products?

Yes. Each product in the app has a link to download a template and these are found on the product pages on the website. On each product page there is a video showing you how to create a product using the template provided.

What is your upper file size limit?

30 Megabytes

Payment Taxes & Duties FAQ's

How do I pay for my orders?

For orders to flow automatically through our system you must set up a credit card in the app. This will then be charged when orders are presented.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take all major credit cards but not American Express or other charge cards.

What happens if my card is declined for an order?

Your order will be held in a pending queue and you will receive an email to the email address on your account to let you know your card details need updating. We will wait 7 days for the card to be updated and then if not we will remove the order from the system.

Do I have to pay VAT or Sales Tax on my orders?

If you order a product to be delivered in the UK by law we have to charge you a sales tax of 20% (VAT) on your order. If your order is to be delivered in the USA then we will charge a sales tax if it is for Illinois, however, we do not charge taxes for other states. We do not charge VAT for orders to be delivered into Europe.

What about duties on orders?

When shipping orders overseas, many countries charge customs duties on products. We are not responsible for these duties, it is the person receiving the order that will have to pay the charge.

Environmental FAQ's

Do you use recylcled packaging?

Yes in most cases all our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials You can see our packaging here

What types of inks do you use?

For sublimation transfer we use water based organic inks.

For our t-shirt and apparel printing we use Brother water-based pigment inks which are ECO PASSPORT certified by OKEO-TEX® and CPSIA compliant, also the innovative packaging uses less plastic thanks to the new replaceable pouches so there is less waste and less impact on the environment.

Environmental FAQ's

Can I see your data protection policy?

Yes, we comply with all UK data protection laws, our policy is located here.

Trademark & Copyright?

When you upload designs with us you have to confirm that you have the legal right to reproduce the artwork you are uploading. If we are notified of any claim to the contrary then we will follow our DMCA procedure located here.

If we receive any artwork contrary to UK laws we will not print the order.