How To Install The SuperFast POD Shopify App

To integrate our app with your Shopify store, simply refer to the instructional video below. 

If you only want to link to an ETSY store and not use Shopify then go to our ETSY page

  1.  Log into your Shopify store 
  2. Go to the app store and install our app
  3.  Follow instructions in the video don't forget to turn on personalisation in your theme (3 min 22 seconds in the video)
  4.  See below to log into the portal should you wish too.

Linking Your Store To The Portal

If you currently have a portal account and wish to link your Shopify store to your portal just install the app in your store and log in using your portal user name and password this will connect your store.

Create & Push A Personalized Product To Shopify In 3 Minutes!